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2020年5月17日 (日)


News came out that confused even open access skeptics. Under the heading "Trump v Berlin", the German Welt am Sonntag newspaper pays $ 1 billion to German pharmaceutical company CureVac to secure COVID-19 vaccines for President Trump "only for the United States" the suggested he was reported to be.

In contrast, Jens Spahn of the German Health Minister, such a transaction is said, "impossible", Peter Altmaier of the German economy phase and "Germany is not for sale," the story . Especially resentful are the people who promote open science. "It's not the time to do something like this right now," said Lorraine Leeson of Trinity College Dublin. It's an act of going against # OpenScience's work to do something meaningful. Now it's exclusive. it is time for solidarity, not the behavior. "and discoveries . The White House and CureVac have denied coverage .

We are now at a historic turning point where we must work together effectively to respond to the unprecedented global health crisis. The slogan "when we share, everyone wins" has never been more applicable. With this in mind, we felt the need to emphasize the importance of open access in crisis situations, especially open science.

Why open access matters in the context of the global health crisis


公的資金を受けているすべての組織は以下の2点を実施すべきである。1) オープンアクセスポリシーを導入し、公的資金を受けて行われた研究をオープンライセンス(例えばCC BY 4.0)のもとで公開する、あるいはパブリックドメインに置く。これは、研究論文や研究データが自由に再利用可能なことで、科学者同士のコラボレーションが促進され、新たな発見が加速されることを意味する。2) 信頼できる実用的な情報を市民に広めるために、動画、図解、その他のメディアツールなどの教育リソースにもオープンライセンスを確実に導入する。


We are at a historic turning point where we must work together effectively to respond to the unprecedented global health crisis. The slogan, "when we share, everyone wins," has never been more applicable.

With more than 200,000 people infected with COVID-19 worldwide, coordinating the entire scientific community and health officials around the world to develop and share treatments and vaccines is an urgent task .. On 13 March, government scientific advisors from 12 countries issued an open letter to publishers calling for open access to scientific research on COVID-19 and its data . "It is especially important that scientists and citizens have access to research results as soon as possible, given the urgency of the current situation." In addition to these, educational materials prepared by intergovernmental organizations such as WHO should be available openly and without restrictions. This is currently the world not only a need in the crisis, is also in line with the public mission and obligations of these institutions.

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2020年5月15日 (金)

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